This is your first step to set up your own local council and get to work bringing The Global Restoration Plan to your local community area. 

Why start a Council?  Simply we need people who have the desire to step up and work to improve the lives and circumstances for the people in their communities, in Ontario, and beyond. The advantage of starting your own local council means you can effect real change in your local community. 

What do Councils do? de jure Councils enact the legislation that is voted on and approved by the People.  Councils are made up of Committees that are responsible for the administration of specific areas of concern (e.g., Education, Environment, Infrastructure)

The Council supports a Needs Assessment process to drill down and find issues where a case can be created, orders written, and solution assessments proposed for voting by the people.  The Council also supports project submissions for projects which are in alignment with the Restoration plan.

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