Projects are a way to help restore the planet at the local level.  Projects can be either a restoration, innovation or invention type project that are in alignment with the needs of the area and the Global Restoration Plan.  A project has several phases, from conception to reality.  The Detailed project process is below. 

The detailed project process

Frequently Asked Questions about Projects

  • A project is a declaration of commitment to act to produce a specific outcome or the capability to produce outcomes in the future for a person or community.
  • A project is a commitment to invent new actions, a new configuration of actions or a new order of actions in order to produce outcomes in the future for that person or community.
  • The declaration of a project launches, organizes and focuses committed thinking and actions.
  • A project is a commitment to act and use resources in the present and over a specified period of time in a sequence of actions and interim situations to produce an ultimate situation in the future that is more satisfactory than the situation that is anticipated to appear without the project.
  • Project holders must be in agreement with the Resolution of One Accord
  • Projects must align with community needs as assessed by Assemblies.
  • Projects support the Restoration Plan.
  • Projects produce inventions.
  • Project produce innovations.

Projects that produce Energy, Water, Food, Air, Infrastructure, Shelter, Education Solutions and More.

  • Invention projects are projects that bring new technologies or processes to the peoples of this planet.
  • Domains for inventions include Energy, Water, Food, Air, Soil, Shelter, Health & Wellness, Transportation, and more.
  • Projects that combine capabilities from multiple sources in new ways. Areas of focus and attention include Energy, Water, Food, Air, Soil, Shelter, Health & Wellness, Transportation, and more.
  • Projects involve people, processes, and technologies. We are bringing collections of people, processes, and technologies together to be shared across projects.
  • People with subject matter expertise are offering their experience, knowledge and wisdom to help with projects. We are forming a network of these people to align and coordinate them with projects.
  • Processes and Best Practices for projects are being compiled for reference and will be made available on a global scale.
  • The Project Platform teams will help Project teams worldwide.
  • Project funding will be provided by The Global Repository, through the Assemblies. This may include National and State Assemblies, The Global Peace and Restoration Consortium of Member States (GPRCMS), the Global Health & Wellness Consortium (GHWC), or the Global Intelligence Agency (GIA).
  • Through people, processes and technologies.
  • People who are professional project, program and project portfolio managers are available to help with the design, setup, and management of every project.
  • Processes are used to ensure that projects are begun, managed and completed on time and on budget, and produce the desired outcomes.
  • Technologies are used to communicate, coordinate and report through the project duration.
  • To ensure that every project that is funded and undertaken is successful.
  • These resources and guidance support the vision and goals of The Interim Head of State, Global Guardian, and Director of the Global Intelligence Agency.

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