de jure PLAN Council Ontario is comprised of several self-operating Committees for management of the day-to-day business for the Sovereign people of Ontario and to manage projects for their area of focus.

Animal WelfareCommittee

Ensures the humane treatment and care of animals whether domesticated, farm or wild and livestock for food production.

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Education Committee

Develops, and continually enhances flexible education frameworks that align with the needs and interests of diverse learners; and encourages original thoughts, promotes innovative thinking, and sparks innate talents.

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Environment Committee

Focuses on projects for water, land, and air. The committee will investigate, evaluate, and adopt processes and technologies in areas such as Environmental restoration and Regenerative agriculture.

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Health and Wellness Committee

Provides modalities and technology to deliver health services for all ages and health conditions to promote longevity and healthy living.

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Law Committee

Focuses on the restoration of natural law for all proceedings; education, mediation, counseling, and enforcement. 
Works closely with the Law Enforcement Committee.

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Law Enforcement Committee

Ensuring the lawful operation of the Council, including lawful elections and record keeping matters, the education of Members on Natural Law and the Grievance process, as well as ensuring safety.

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Life and Family Committee

Delivers inclusive, responsive services to all people when in need to improve their quality of life.

The Committee investigates, establishes, and continually enhances flexible family care frameworks to ensure the optimal health and well-being of all members of the community.

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Media and Communications Committee

Promotes and educates about the de jure Plan Councils in Ontario, and their activities and projects.

The Committee develops, updates, and monitors all communication policies and procedures. This includes public-facing communications for educational purposes.

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Needs Assessment Committee

Reviews all needs assessments submitted by each committee and scopes them for further actions by the council.

The Committee is tasked to break projects down into further detail.  The needs are what the local people want to get done in their community. The outcome may be an order, a solution, or a project.

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Operations Committee

Responsible for ramping up de jure PLAN Council with an enhanced website, People Empowerment (HR) processes and practices, policies, and other activities that will help transition us to a fully functioning council upon ratification.

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Project Management Committee

Assists in designing and monitoring project success alongside the project submitters.  Provides intake and advisory for approved restoration projects.

In collaboration with other Committees, manages Projects throughout their life cycle and maintains a project registry that assists in the tracking of project metrics such as status, progress, cost-to-date, etc.

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Public Works and Infrastructure –
Energyand Technology Committee

Tasked with developing a comprehensive life cycle management (such as construction, alteration, removal, installation, repair, or maintenance) of public infrastructure for the benefit of the community. 

Area of focus are, Transportation, Communications, Public Buildings, Industries, Energy, Technology.

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Ratification Team Committee

Responsible for supporting the formation of local de jure PLAN Councils throughout Ontario.

The Committee registers all new de jure councils with the PGSD.

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Restoration Team Committee

Implementing solutions from the needs assessment projects.

The team interfaces with the Committees for project needs in regards to orders, laws, etc..

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Security Committee

Ensures the security peace and safety of all sovereigns.

The Security Committee shall also be responsible for overseeing de jure PLAN Council governance, which shall include orientation of new members, overseeing council development tactics and programs.

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Treasury Committee

Manages the financial affairs of the de jure Plan Council and the Project Management funding system.

The treasury department establishes proper accounting procedures and completes periodic audits to ensure efficient and appropriate use of funding.

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